The most important member of a family is the housewife. He lives as a pillar of a family. Women are responsible for all the activities of the family all day long and they cannot take care of their own health. As a result, their body composition changes. Body weight increases. Gradually, the body structure becomes obese. Many diseases occur in the body. Below are some ways for them to overcome this problem. Please read all the instruction for female fitness.


The importance of proper diet is of the utmost importance for keeping a healthy and healthy body. It is very important to take the right amount of nutritious food regularly every day. Adulterated food cannot be taken, additional oil national diet must be stopped. It is very important to take protein many nutritious foods such as raw broth, nuts, dried apricots, eggs, milk etc. soaked in the snack every morning. Our body needs 150 to 200 grams of protein every day for female fitness.

To provide this amount of protein, it is best if you eat a meal of lentils, fish meat, etc., in each meal. Eating whole foods is very good for the body. The body needs to drink 4-5 liters of water every day. It is best to eat one liter of water on an empty stomach in the morning. Water should not be consumed immediately after eating, it should be followed by at least 30 minutes. Proper diet should be monitored for good health.


Exercise is absolutely necessary to get a disease free body. As a result of exercise, every part of the body is healthy and strong. Only a few home exercises will keep the body healthy. The following is discussed about female fitness.


Young women need to run. Need to run two to three kilometers every morning or afternoon. As a result, the body will remain very light. Women who are unable to catch at least 1200 steps per day need to walk. This is too much important for female fitness.


Fat accumulates very quickly in the stomach of women. You need 40 to 50 chest up every day to remove this fat. It is very difficult to get 40 to 50 chest up at a time so set it to ten and thus set the first five times.

After the first set, you have to rest two minutes with rest, thus rest two to three minutes and finish five steps.


Body strength needs to be pushed up. You need to push up to 20-30pm every day. This one has to be set to three. Each set will be 10 o’clock. Rest 3-4 minutes after the first set and finish the second step, then rest three to four minutes, and then complete the third set.


You need to plunk at least 8 minutes per day. 8 minutes plunk together is extremely difficult. So this exercise has to be divided into four sets. Each set has to be divided into two. One minute after doing the rest 4 sets should be completed. Plunk excercise increases the strength of all hands, shoulders, abdomen, thighs, waist, legs and reduces abdominal fat.

Here are some homemade and simple ways to keep your body healthy, healthy and organized. If you observe what is written above, you will be able to maintain a very healthy, strong body.


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