AV Block
Causes die bundle Coronary artestal disease with or withonut hypetnsi channel blets,e AY Cardils due to Kheumatic fever EDpha Disordered atrial thythmn,en atrial ibrillation and nutter (functional block and h) Fibrusis of the AV junction without any significant
coronary artery disease is possibly the most commen Dystrophica myotunia) Chagus disease Cardiac surgery m) Infiltrative disease The site of AV block may not be neccusarily Jocated in the AV node. It may be located in the atrial node (AN region), in the bundle of Hig, closure to the node (NII region) oL.sometimes the site of Jesion may be located more distally in Bundle.of His or its branchen. Proximal blocks are said to be more benign than the distal blocks proper (N region) or in the Types Fii degree or Latent heart block ( AV block) ere, all SA impulac are.allowed to pass through the AV node but the time is prolonged. ECO will show an incrcasd P-R interval even beyond thty (0 2 sec.))Clinically one should suspect first degree heart block if the first sound is muffled in presence of tachycardia Seand degre or Partial heart biock Here, from time to time, some SA impulses are not allowed to pass through he Av node, Thus atria contract but not the ventricles resulting in absence of heart sounds and missing of may occur at regular heart blocks or may occur irregularly. The un ise to 21or 3 ometimes proFress is called Mobiiz type I block.

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